Landscape Metropolis – Landscape a s an infrastructure

The founding aspect of Landscape Metropolis is represented by the enhancement of landscape as our best infrastructure, favoring the connection between urban, peri-urban and suburban areas through the re-organization of a sustainable and innovative intermodal mobility network.

Landscape Metropolis: strategy and goals

Landscape Metropolis involves a system of spaces of high territorial extension (just like a metropolis) within which the anthropized dimension is abundantly overcome by the extension of landscape (or landscapes).
The first feature of a Landscape Metropolis is that of having in its watermark a capillary network of paths (of land and water, in the case of Ferrara) able, if revitalised and systematised, to guarantee a real infrastructure of sustainable mobility, covered by bicycle, boat, train (surface meter), electric bus. Mobility, usually an appendix in the dynamics of reuse, becomes the fundamental requirement for a rehabilitation of territories: social and economic restart and recovery of meaning. Thus, the conditions for a real inhabitable city on a territorial scale develop: a landscape metropolis, in fact.

From Ferrara to spread innovation

The strategic vision of Landscape Metropolis was born in Ferrara in 2015 by a group of stakeholders from different sectors (mobility, production, planning, IT): by observing the ancestral problems of a not-rich province, characterised by a fragile economic fabric, high air pollution and noticeable traffic problems in
relation to the actual size of the place, the developed process has made it possible to start a path of shared knowledge and to develop an innovative system of solutions for the nearly 350,000 residents of the provincial territory.


Our network of sponsors, collaborators and supporters is constantly growing

In the course of its ongoing work, Landscape Metropolis has already collected numerous adhesions: first with a Memorandum of Understanding, formed by almost all the municipalities of the Province of Ferrara, as well as by entities and trade associations. At the same time, we are constantly looking for public and private supporters, who can give life to the multitude of ongoing projects.